AIP Waffles (Vegan)



  • Sabrina

    These are so good! I love how they were just perfect, in taste and texture and pair well with a variety of toppings. The kids and I are looking forward to having these again in the near future :).

  • Terry

    Deliciously soft and fluffy – a treat for the mouth!

  • Christina

    These were very tasty. Even my non-AIP family enjoyed them.

  • Brianna

    Absolutely amazing! Tasted the same as a normal waffle, especially when paired with maple syrup. Will definitely be trying this again.

  • Deborah B.

    This waffle recipe is absolutely delicious! The flavor and texture is just like regular waffles and they fluff up very nicely. Wish I could post a pic. These will definitely be a regular in our home. A favorite tradition of ours is waffles and bacon on Sundays. Glad we’re able to continue this tradition. Thanks Beth’s Blends for keeping it real, even with AIP :-)

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