Paleo Pancake Recipe (Nut & Cassava Free)

This 7-ingredient Paleo Pancake Recipe is totally nut and cassava free. It’s a delicious and fluffy pancake recipe that Paleo enthusiasts will love.   What are paleo pancakes made of? Typically, paleo baked goods and breads contain a combination of almond flour and cassava or tapioca flours. If you are avoiding almonds because of allergies or even the environmental impact [source], this eliminates a lot of prepackaged foods and recipes.   What can I use instead of almond meal? Beth Blends Nut/Cassava Free Grain Free Flour Blend is a good alternative if you are nut free. Additionally, it contains tigernut flour. According to Forbes, this gluten free superfood is the trendiest alt flour [source].   Ingredients Nut/Cassava Free Grain Free...

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