Pumpkin Brownies (Nut/Cassava Free)

These pumpkin brownies are pure decadence! They are the perfect combination between fudge brownies and pumpkin pie. These homemade brownies are gooey, chocolaty and insanely delicious. They are especially great in the fall!

This recipe is from Organically Addison and uses our Nut/Cassava Free Grain Free Flour Blend as a sub for the flour used in this recipe. If you are using our blend, make sure to sub the flour 1:1 and then cook for an additional 5-10 minutes. Plus make sure to allow the brownies to cool completely, at least 1 hour, after baking. This will allow them to set. 

pumpkin brownies

Go check out the the recipe post for a complete list of ingredients and the instructions. Then make sure to add our Nut/Cassava/Grain Free Flour Blend to your cart.

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