AIP Pancakes



  • Parker

    Perfect pancakes. Just made some for my daughter with blueberries and they were delicious. 10/10!

  • Meagan Faeth

    I’ve never had great luck with AIP pancakes… until now! Seriously fool proof. So fluffy and tasty….. i cant wait to see what else i can make with Beth Blends! Shipping was fast and this mix is pretty affordable which is appreciated.

  • Sheena

    These pancakes are so good, I really would have had no idea they are grain-free or AIP if I could not see all the ingredients. Love them with some berries and coconut cream!

  • Jessica Mellor

    These pancakes are so delicious, even better than “regular” pancakes. Who knew you could make something allergen free and sacrifice nothing.

  • Sunny Brady

    These pancakes are so delicious you’d hardly know they are AIP! Serve topped with fresh fruit and wow it’s such a great! The texture is fluffy and not gummy or crumbly and they reheat with perfection.

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