AIP Pancakes



  • Meagan Faeth

    I’ve never had great luck with AIP pancakes… until now! Seriously fool proof. So fluffy and tasty….. i cant wait to see what else i can make with Beth Blends! Shipping was fast and this mix is pretty affordable which is appreciated.

  • Sheena

    These pancakes are so good, I really would have had no idea they are grain-free or AIP if I could not see all the ingredients. Love them with some berries and coconut cream!

  • Jessica Mellor

    These pancakes are so delicious, even better than “regular” pancakes. Who knew you could make something allergen free and sacrifice nothing.

  • Sunny Brady

    These pancakes are so delicious you’d hardly know they are AIP! Serve topped with fresh fruit and wow it’s such a great! The texture is fluffy and not gummy or crumbly and they reheat with perfection.

  • FatgirlAIP

    These pancakes came out absolutely PERFECT! You get the little air holes just like regular pancakes, not gummy or slimy like some aip recipes. They keep well in the fridge, too!! Just place the finished pancakes in a ziploc bag separated by parchment paper. Thank you sooooo much for this!!! Cant wait to take it on vacation and make a big breakfast for my “normie” friends and family!

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